Centre for Continuing Education in Minna Institute of Technology and Innovation was established in the Year 2018 following the approval by National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) to run Part-time programmes in Innovation Enterprise Institutions in Nigeria. This is with the sole aim of providing civil servants, middle age and the youth alike with the opportunity of acquiring both practical and theoretical skills in other to develop their various professions and acquaint themselves with current techniques/ideals. This is to help in fostering service delivery in both public and private sectors in Niger State and Nigeria at large. Thus, acquire new and superior experiences for the purpose of productivity and viz, enhanced career progression. This is particularly important in view of the indispensable role of the private and public sector organization competitive success as the engine and driver of national economy.

Also, the programme will provide the beneficiaries with high wealth of experience to widen their potential that will stand the test of time and societal development in Nigeria.

It is imperative to state categorically that the Centre is an off-shoot of the Institute regular programmes. In other words, what is obtainable in the institute regular programmes is the same as that of the Part-Time. More so, all the academic departments available to regular are adequately represented at the part-time with the duration of two (2) years i.e. six (6) semesters respectively.