The directorate/department is headed by the Director, Works and Maintenance Service. The Works and Maintenance is not involved in the major capital projects. The Physical Planning Department handles all major capital projects and on completion transfers to users for use and Works and Maintenance for subsequent maintenance.
The directorate/department handles direct labour projects which are mainly maintenance in nature. The Works and Maintenance Department is solely responsible for maintenance infrastructures which include:

• Offices/Laboratories/Workshops
• Official residences
• Official residences
Roads, Electrical, Generators/Tractors/Equipment/Vehicles

The maintenance works are done by the various units in the Works and Maintenance department. Such units are:
1. Civil/Building Unit:
This unit is responsible for all maintenance jobs involving carpentry, plumbing/masonry and sign writing/painting.

2. Electrical/Electronics Unit:
This unit is responsible for all maintenance jobs involving electrical systems in the Institute.

3. Mechanical Unit (Heavy Duty):
This unit is responsible for all maintenance jobs involving diesel engine generators and heavy duty vehicles (including tractors). The procurement of bulk diesel and dispensing to the Institute’s Community is undertaken through this unit.

4. Mechanical Unit: (Light Duty)
This unit is responsible for all maintenance jobs involving petrol engine generators, petrol engine vehicles, welding, refrigeration and air-conditioning system, panel beating works and auto-electrical works.

5. Landscaping Unit:
This unit is responsible for maintenance of all landscaping jobs.

Landscape Unit/Campus Cleaning
• Clearing of grasses in and around the surroundings of major/strategic roads, colleges, administration building areas, hostels, principal officers official residences, open field, lecture halls, staff school, guest house etc.
• Weeding of grasses around the foot of building, kerbs and car parks.
• Filling/mending of pot holes on roads within the campus.
• Watering of ornamental flowers.
• Pruning/lawn mowing of grasses and ornamental hedge flowers.
• Cleaning/arrangement of seats in all Institute organized programmes/ceremonies.
• Desilting of drains to the campus road network.
• Landscaping of Institute’s main gate and its frontage.
• Planting of ornamental flowers and shed trees around the drive way and hostel environment.

Ridwan Kallamu SHE

Acting Director, Works and Maintenance Services.