Directorate of Collaborations, Affiliations and Linkages

(Provost Office) Minna Institute of Technology and Innovation Niger State.

The Institute’s quest for improvement in its service delivery via enhanced skills acquisition by members of her staff and students, the expansion of her revenue base and better global recognition of her activities through their internationalization led to the birth of the Directorate for Collaborations, Affiliations and Linkages (DCAL) as an arm of the Office of the Provost: Minna Institute of Technology and Innovation, Minna. Niger State.

DCAL was established to provide a platform to seek, cultivate revenues within the Institute and administer opportunities for collaborations, affiliations and linkages with other institutions, agencies, corporate bodies both in the national and international contexts while facilitating internationalization of the Institute’s activities.

Our vision is of an Institute of Technology and Innovation in Minna, Nigeria, widely acknowledged for innovative use of cutting edge scientific and technological skills to drive teaching, research and community service that addresses the sustainable development challenges of the nation through effective local and international partnerships

Our mission is to build the Institute’s profile locally, nationally and internationally through partnering with high profile institutions; Contributing to the building of the Institute’s reputation through strengthened capacity development; Conducting research and community development collaboration; Facilitating engagements where the existence of a formal agreement is required and providing support, advice and assistance to the academic and administrative units of the Institute to facilitate internationalization in their respective spheres.

These range from attendance at seminars, meetings and conferences (locally and internationally), development of partnership agreements and project proposals. The
Directorate also facilitates the conduct of scheduled visitations to affiliate institutions. These have helped in raising the university’s profile and laid the foundation for future growth.

There are Desk Officers in charge of Consultancy Services, Internal Coexistence/Public Relations, Affiliation, Collaboration and Linkage issues. In the event that there is a complaint, the individual/unit reports to the Desk Officer in the first instance. Issues that cannot be resolved at that level are reported to the Secretary. If the aggrieved unit/staff is not satisfied, the unit or the staffs concerned complains to the Chairman.

Dr. Musa Yusuf
Chairman, DCAL