a) Providing a virile, functional and accessible record based unit
b) Supervising and co-coordinating a hitch free semester examinations of the institute
c) Monitoring compliance with all institute rules and regulations on conduct of examinations
d) Oversees periodic communication of student academic learning performances to parents, sponsors and scholarship granting institutions
e) Processing of transcripts of examination results to requesting institutions as prompted by students or employers.

Description OF Modus Operandi:
The Examination and Record Unit is headed by a Senior Assistant Registrar who is assisted by some officers Saddle with the responsibilities of keeping students personal files and records.
Other records include past examination question papers, answer booklets and marking schemes.
Record keeping spans across the entire departments in the institute. Mode of keeping records is through manual and electronic.

A record room is set aside as a store where the above listed items are kept manually carefully arranged on Shelves and marked according to the Department, Programme, and Level.
The institute examines the Students in two major examinations per Semester. The first is the Continuous assessment test usually referred to as the Mid-Semester examination and secondly, the end of semester examination.

There are other forms of assessment by the Course lecturers as approved by their departments and this may take the form of projects, researches and essays.
Examination results are regularly forwarded to parents and guardians as soon as the Academic Board approves the examination results while copies are manually kept in Student personal files and also stored electronically.

Duty Details:
1. Maintenance of student files and record
2. Custodian of past examination answers booklets, questions and marking schemes
3. Supervises the conduct, monitoring and provision of other logistic support for all institute examinations.
4. Ensuring strict adherence to rules and regulations governing all examinations as spelt out in the institute examination hand book
5. Represents the Registry in examination committees and other related committees or assignments bordering on examination issues.
6. Serves as linkage between departments, units, Committees and students on matters involving information on records
7. Handles Correspondence with and from parents on results and related matters
8. Processes and issues transcripts to institutions and corporate bodies as may be requested by the applicant.
9. Performs other duties and responsibilities which may be assigned from time to time by the Registrar.

Maryam Shuaibu
Head of Exams and Records Unit