Ahmed Rufai Muhammad

Head, Management Information System. Minna Institute of Technology and Innovation.


The MIS Directorate/Unit shoulders the responsibility for the organisation of all the relevant data gathering, processing, storage and dissemination in the Institute. The Unit is under Provost’s Office with the Director reporting directly to the Provost.
Currently the unit is under the supervision of the Academic Secretary.

Staff List
The Unit conventional structure is to have: a Director, 2 Assistant Directors, 3 Systems Analyst, 6 Computer operators, 3 Clerical Officers


MIS Organogram






Database Computing & ICT

Database management and  service provisioning for the community



Software programming 


System Analyst/
Network and Systems Administrators

Systems and network  installation, configuration and maintenance


Computer Operators

MIS helpdesk and user support

MIS Staffing


The Directorate of Management Information System (MIS) was established in May 2016 as a Directorate under the office of the Provost. The idea of having an MIS Directorate is not far-fetched as it is expected to facilitate achieving the Institute’s key mission of having an Information Technology driven institution. The Directorate started with few staff and is organized to form two functional units, the Software Development Unit and Research and Development unit.

The Directorate serves as the local provider of Information System services at the Institute with the Software unit developing software applications and/or components for automation of processes and services in the Institute, including mobile applications; Source, deploy, promote and manage use of open source software; Provide technical support for use and management of software systems in the Institute, provide system Computing & MIS services for the computing facilities in the University, develop policies and guidelines for use and maintenance of official and personal Web sites. On the other hand, the Research and Development Unit is responsible for Liaise with IT related Departments (ICT, E-Library etc.) to determine viable researches and researchers; Coordinate and review Information System (IS) policies, IS research proposals and strategic plans for the MIS.
The Goal of the MIS is to facilitate sustainable collaboration with other higher institutions and industry players at home and abroad, in delivering contemporary teaching and learning methodologies through the application of Information Technology/Systems that will enhance and promote modern research, development and consultancy for the advancement of value-based information systems at Minna Institute of Technology and Innovation and the host community.

The Software Development unit houses the programmers, system analysts, database administrator, web and content developers and graphics/data entry operators. The team ensures the online visibility of the Institute and its activities while keeping the community abreast of latest events within the campus.

1. Provide users support for web and mail services.
2. Maintain Institute domain and website.
3. Provides support for the Institute registration / academic portal.
4. Provides support for the Enterprise Solution within the Institute.
5. Provides computer Hardware/Software and Helpdesk support services.
6. Provide training workshops for staff and students on Information Systems.
7. Participate in program for the promotion of ICT awareness within the community.
8. Examination Card Production for students.

The Directorate is committed to promoting knowledge and understanding of Information Technology/Systems among the Institute’s students and Staff and in the wider community. Furthermore, it encourages critical thinking about the use of these technologies and its importance for national development.

Trainings Organized
The Directorate offers related trainings and refresher programs to the Institute Staff, Students and the host community. Some of the training conducted is listed below:

1. COMPUTER APPRECIATION PROGRAMME: Training programme organized in-house for students of the Institute, Staff and others within Minna metropolis.
2. ONLINE GRADING SYSTEM USING PORTAL: Due to the new portal registration system introduced in 2016, the Institute organized training for Lecturers, Staff of the Directorate of Examination and Records and Academic Office on how to use the portal for students’ registration.
3. TRAINING OF SIWES STUDENTS: MIS trains Corps Members and Industrial training Student working at the on: System Administration, Database management, Web Design, Application packages Practical

1. The Institute Website: The Institute website is a central point of information about the Institute where you can find information about the faculties, directorates/units, mission and vision, latest news and links to Institute portal, Email and other services. The website is accessible at and is regularly monitored and updated by experienced web developers and designers.
2. The Institute Online Registration Portal: Is an online students’ registration portal with different modules that allows students’ fee payment, course registration, reservation of accommodation, exam processing and generation of reports. The Institute portal was launched in 2016 and has improved efficiency across so many processes of the Institute
3. Electronic Transcript Processing: This system enables students to order for their transcripts online and the generated electronic transcripts can be sent to any institution of choice all around the world. The Directorate is working towards a fully networked lab with transcript processing software dedicated for this process.
4. Examination card Production: The Directorate is responsible for the data capture, data processing and production of Examination cards of all students of the Institute. These processes are handled by experienced data processing staff for enhanced data security and control.
5. Computer Based Testing: Computer based test is the administration of an examination using a computer. This format is flexible in that the test can be taken at different times and in different locations. It allows testing centres to offer a more consistent test delivery, faster scoring and reporting, and enhanced test security. The Institute Computer Based Testing Centre which will start late 2017 is expected to be used as an examination administrating medium for large classes.
6. Automated Admissions letter processing: This automated admission processing automate the tedious processing and editing of all admission letters of the Institute. This process is more efficient.
7. Created and control the Institute information based social platforms: Facebook page. etc