In an effort to bridge the existing gap between theory and practice in our tertiary institutions, the industrial training fund (ITF) initiated the SIWES program.
This program now forms part of the approved minimum academic standard by the regulating agencies (NUC, NBTE & NCCE ) in the various degrees, HND and NCE programmes for all the Nigerian Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education running engineering and technology vocational and technical education, science and other related courses.
Before the establishment of this scheme, there was a growing concern among our industrialists that graduate of tertiary institutions in Nigeria lacked adequate practical background needed for employment in industries. Employers of labour were of the opinion that the theoretical education received in our tertiary institution was not meeting the manpower needs of employers of labour. It is against the background that the rationale for initiating and designing the scheme by Industrial Training Fund (I.T.F) was given attention, with the sole aim of providing student with the skills in handling employed equipments and mastering them.

Roles of Students (Trainees)

 The students are expected to attend Institutions, Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) orientation programme before going on attachment to get familiarized.

 Be obedient to constituted authorities and adhere strictly to all rules and regulations of the organisation where a student is attached.

 To be punctual and regular at their different places of attachment.

 Record all training activities and other assignments in logbook and complete ITF form–8 to ensure proper attachments.

 Avoid change of place of attachments except in special circumstances which must be determined and approved by institution supervisor, the employer and the I.T.F etc
The Role of Institutions
Institutions here are the established educational bodies where the students engaging in SIWES program and attends school, their role includes:
 Establishment of SIWES coordinating unit with a separate account adequately.
Minna Institute of Technology and Innovation is poised to send students for practical training from other reputable organisation and skill oriented to enable them remain pro–active in their various fields of specialization, ranging from building technology, electrical insulation, automobile mechanic, civil engineering, welding and fabrication, carpentry work etc to help civilise the students against the challenges of life.

Abubakar Muhammadu