Our institute is a living laboratory for sustainability.

The Institute Librarian Heads the library. He is also a Principal Officer and is directly responsible to the Provost. He advises the Provost on library matters and also ensures that the library is effectively managed.

The responsibility of the Librarian includes;

1. Responsible to the provost

2. Responsible for the planning, organizing, coordinating, supervising, directing, and executing all operations of the Institute Library.

3. To prepare annual budget for the library.

4. To liaise  with departments and relevant bodies within and outside the country for sourcing and equipping the library with current resource materials.

5. To ensure the security of materials and equipment in the library.

6. Member, Management and Expanded Management Committee.

7. To ensure effective operations of the e-library.

8. Member of Academic Board.

9. To perform any other duty as may be assigned by the provost.

Dr. Musa Yusuf FCAI