Our institute is a living laboratory for sustainability.

The office of the registrar is saddled with the responsibility of providing quality students service in the areas of registration, tuition assessment and academic records maintenance, ensuring confidentiality and accuracy of students records.

The Registrars Responsibilities
1. Responsible to the provost for the general administration of the institute.

2. Heads the registry department.

3. Serve as a Secretary to the Institute Governing Council.

4. Member/Secretary to Expanded Management Committee.

5. Member/ Secretary to the Management Committee.

6. Function as Secretary to other statuary committees of the Governing Council.

7. To advice the provost on personal, student affairs and general administration of the institute.

8. To be responsible for keeping, storing, processing and retrieving of all records in the institute in relation to staff and students.

9. To set in motion the machinery for employment and promotion of all staff when the need arise.

10. To interpret, communicate polices and regulations such as government circulars and condition of service to the institute community and outsiders.

11. To ensure the processing of inter service transfer and secondment of staff to other Ministries, Departments, parastatals etc.

12. To issue certificate of service to staff and transcript to students respectively.

13. To recommend annual leave for both senior and junior staff to provost for approval.

14. To recommend the redeployment of registry staff as appropriate.

15. To be the custodian of common seal, blank certificate and the registry safe.

16. Signatory to documents of the institute such as letter of appointments, promotions, student’s certificates, transcript, staff ID cards and any other related document.

17. Signs all legal contracts involving the institute including maintaining and uploading contract documents.

18. Chairman, junior staff appointment, promotion and disciplinary committee.

19. Overseas the overall discipline of the registry staff.

20. To provide quality student service in the areas of registration, tuition assessment and academic records, and to ensure the confidentiality and accuracy of student records.
 To coordinate the student information system, conduct registration, completion of registration and ensure compliance with student’s records policy.
 To Record transfer credit, advanced placement, examination results and grades changes.

21. To demonstrate the institutes commitment to thoughtful treatment of its student through the timeliness and accuracy of the transcripting system.
 Provide and mailing of transcripts
 Storing and preserving of academic records and keeping of inactive student folders
 Process grades and produce transcripts for non – credit students
 Retain copies of course descriptions.

22. To ensure good order and an atmosphere conducive to academic activities by producing accurate statistics, Class rosters, Grades, Certifications and other reports, and be a “watch dog” for academic policies.
 Produce official students lists, reports and statistics
 Publish the students directory
 Validate ID cards
 Certify students enrolment
 Process ID numbers changes, change of course, name and addresses
 Interpret and enforce academic regulations
 Collect grades from departments
 Record grades, produce and mail reports
 Monitor lists of graduates
 Rank undergraduates for graduation

23. To provide class and examination schedules which, as much as possible serve the department and students and to ensure that the condition of classrooms meets the needs of quality instruction. To assist the department in its teaching through the administration of the teacher evaluation process.
 Prepare, publish, distribute class and examination schedules
 Assign classrooms: all semesters
 Monitor classroom conditions
 Plan and direct classroom improvement projects
 Administer the teacher evaluation system
 Plan and coordinate the schedule of classes to ensure that all curricular needs are met.

Mal. Saidu Kabiru