Our institute is a living laboratory for sustainability.

The necessity for this strategic action plan document was borne out of the need to have a document that will serve as a working tool in our desire to position the Minna Institute of Technology and Innovation as a positive force in the educational advancement of Niger State.

When the present management team came on board, our shared commitment for the institute is to have an institution that will stand tall amongst its peers in terms of facilities and qualified manpower deployment thereby ensuring best quality graduate output. This document therefore, is one of the positive steps geared towards the actualisation of our collective aspirations.
To ensure success, we have made up our mind to be doggedly committed to the gradual and total implementation of all that is contained in this document. We believe when fully implemented, it will turn around the fortunes of the Institute, and cause great positive impact in the lives and career of our graduates. I also believe the full implementation of the plan in this document have the potential to make our institute one of the best five in the State.

Tgst. Dr. Nana Bala Ibrahim FNATE, FCAI, MAPWEN
Provost,  MITI.