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The Minna institute of technology and innovation (MITI) is one of the Institutes established in line with the federal government’s desire to facilitate a robust drive towards socio-economic growth and development through the training and acquisition of vocational skills. The institute is designed to provide an alternative route to higher education for competency based-skills in technological or professional education offering training to equip the youth as well as working adults with skills and knowledge to meet the increasing demand for skilled manpower in the various sector of the nations economy. Its programmes are largely regulated by the National board for technical education (NBTE).
The MITI is equipped with some of the latest training equipment/machines and physical infrastructure to enhance learning success and the environment also is suitable and conducive.

We welcome you here and we wish you joy and happiness throughout your entire period of study and success at the end of your course. Please be assured of our absolute commitment to your progress and success throughout your entire period of study here.
Having said that, we wish to quickly point out that no community thrive without a set of recognized rules to guide the conduct of its members. Everyone has rights and privileges, but no one has authority to trample on the rights of others. This handbook therefore serve as a guide to assist students in understanding all they need to know and adjust to life in this institution.
This handbook provides basic insight into the service available to you as student and also gets you acquainted with some of the important rules and regulations which you are expected to observe. It is important to you and to the school that you understand and respect the policies and regulations government your academic and social life during your stay here. Therefore, we advice you to read this book very carefully and thoughtfully.
Wishing you a fruitful stay here and success at the end of your stay.


To continuously raise vocational-competent manpower able to respond to the needs of Nigerlites , the nation and the world in general in a technology driven economy.

To provide sound vocational and technology skill-based training at post-secondary levels thereby equipping secondary school leavers and working adults with the skills and knowledge for self-empowerment, employability and career progress to meet by the increasing demands for technical manpower by the various sectors of the nation’s economy